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    The Best Choice for Residential and Comercial Drafting Needs

    • RS Chimney and Fireplace Fan works well for nonsolid fuels (gas/oil up to 482°F) and can quickly remove stale air,
      cigarette smoke, and cooking odors
    • RSHT Chimney and Fireplace Fan works well for solid fuels (wood/pellet/coal, up to 1000°F) and can be used in high
      temperature settings such as Pizza Ovens, BBQ Pits, etc.
    • Both fans provide the needed negative pressure to assure adequate venting
    • Energy effi cient and runs quietly
    • Easy to install and maintenance free
    • ISO 9001 Certifi ed with a 10-Year Warranty

National Chimney

National Chimney is a leading manufacturer of chimney liners, liner kits, caps, chase covers, and a full line of chimney supplies. Our complete inventory includes products made in the U.S. with the highest quality materials backed by outstanding warranties.

Our seven manufacturing and distribution locations and a fleet of delivery trucks to ensure our customers’ needs are met in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. National Chimney continues to lead the industry in top quality service―whether it’s technical support or manufacturing a custom component for a difficult situation.